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Parental relocation after a divorce: It is possible

One of the consequences of a divorce with children is that the court can limit your ability to move. After all, you cannot legally do anything that infringes on your ex's rights to see the children. Moving them out of the state could make visitation impossible -- much less the exchange of custody -- and so you have less freedom than you did before the marriage.

Areas of your child's life to include in child custody agreements

A child custody agreement outlines what both parents are responsible for when they are dealing with the children. When the divorce is first filed, they will usually enter into a temporary order, but they still have to determine the terms of a permanent order. This has to encompass many aspects of the custody arrangement.

Temporary parenting plans bridge the gap to permanent ones

When parents decide to divorce, having a plan for the kids must be a priority. You might be so focused on the long-term parenting plan that you forget that you can set a temporary plan to follow while you work out the terms of the permanent one.

Create a peaceful and organized home for your kids

Every aspect of your child's life can have an impact on how they are shaped for life. One thing that parents need to do is to foster a sense of independence in them. You might remember when your kids went through the phase where they had to try to do everything alone. While you probably don't want to go back to that, they do need to know how to do things in the future.

Encourage parent-child relationships after divorce

One of the most difficult situations for children is finding out that their parents are divorcing and that they are going to live with one parent most of the time. They might feel as though they aren't going to be able to have a relationship with the other parent. This isn't a good thing for the kids to have to deal with. Unless there is a history of abuse or something that would make the child unsafe while they are with the non-custodial parent, the custodial parent should work hard to encourage a positive relationship between the other parent and the child.

Co-parenting requires close communication with your ex

A co-parenting relationship is one that is best for the children, but it is sometimes difficult for the parents. When you are in this situation, you have to take the time to think about what type of relationship you are comfortable having with your ex. If you're co-parenting, you will be working closely with them.

Joint custody: Kentucky law sets this as the presumptive standard

In 2018, Kentucky became the first state in the country to have a law that presumed joint custody was the best option for the children whose parents were divorcing. When Governor Matt Bevin signed the bill into law, there were people on both sides of the matter who had very strong feelings about what it was going to do. There are a few things that have to be considered about this bill if you are a parent that is currently going through a divorce or think your marriage is heading toward dissolution.


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