Easing The Stress Of Your Family Law Matter

Dedicated Assistance When Your Circumstances Change

Following a divorce or separation, it can be a relief to move forward with your life after dealing with contentious issues, courtroom battles and other aspects of a divorce. However, legal issues are not always final following the dissolution of your marriage. You or your ex-spouse may need to see a modification to a decree or original agreement.

A court, however, will not always grant a family law modification.

When Is A Modification Possible

To request a change to child custody agreements, child support payments or spousal maintenance orders, you or your ex-spouse must prove a substantial change has occurred, such as:

  • If either parent or individual lost their job or suffered a substantial loss in income
  • If either parent or individual experienced a substantial increase in income
  • If either parent wishes to relocate a considerable distance away with the child
  • If the child’s needs have significantly changed or if their wellbeing is at risk
  • If the cost of living has substantially increased

Other changes may also warrant a modification, depending on the circumstances. If the proposed motion involves a child, the court will ultimately rule in what is in their best interests.

Helping You Navigate The Complexities Of Post-Divorce Matters

At HP Law, PLLC, we assist Kentucky individuals and families across Jefferson County with post-divorce modifications. We understand that life changes may warrant an adjustment to existing court orders.

Whether you are requesting the modification or on the receiving end of the request, let us utilize our experience and knowledge to help.

As with other issues affecting your children, when possible, we attempt to resolve issues outside of the courtroom through mediation or collaborative law. However, we understand that such issues can quickly become contentious and require litigation. In these cases, we have the litigation experience you need on your side to advocate for you in court.

Discuss Your Post-Divorce Modification With A Lawyer

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