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Attachment can't dictate actions in property division

The things that you've accumulated during your marriage will have to be divided when you are going through a divorce. It might be difficult for you to think about having to do this because it might be a daunting task. The more you have, the more work it is going to take to get through it all. We know that you might not feel prepared to handle this property division process. We are here to help you through the legal aspects of the matter.

Joint custody: Kentucky law sets this as the presumptive standard

In 2018, Kentucky became the first state in the country to have a law that presumed joint custody was the best option for the children whose parents were divorcing. When Governor Matt Bevin signed the bill into law, there were people on both sides of the matter who had very strong feelings about what it was going to do. There are a few things that have to be considered about this bill if you are a parent that is currently going through a divorce or think your marriage is heading toward dissolution.


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