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Guarding Against An Uncertain Future

For engaged couples, thinking of a potential future divorce can be understandably unpleasant. However, with the undeniable prevalence of divorce today, safeguarding your interests prior to marriage is often a smart decision.

The Argument For Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial or premarital agreements guard against uncertainty by establishing the fate of your income, assets and other property in a future divorce. The agreement serves to benefit both future spouses and can offer some protection against a messy future divorce.

Many couples choose to establish a prenup to:

  • Protect their ownership of a small business, family-owned business or private practice
  • Safeguard valuable assets, including investment properties or inheritances
  • Preserve the rights of children or grandchildren from previous relationships
  • Ensure the significant debt of yourself or your future spouse remains separate
  • Prevent a future divorce and asset division process from becoming bitterly contentious

There are many other reasons to establish a prenup, especially if one has significantly more assets than the other future spouse.

Experienced Assistance With Your Prenup

Our attorneys at HP Law, PLLC, assist in drafting, reviewing and negotiating prenuptial agreements for Kentucky couples prior to their marriage.

We advise couples on what to include in the agreement based on their particular circumstances. We also know the importance of creating clear, unambiguous provisions in order to strengthen its validity and enforceability.

We will inform you of key steps to take to implement a solid agreement, including the requirement that each party retain separate legal representation throughout the process and must willingly and knowingly sign.

Additionally, a prenup must be implemented with plenty of time before the marriage to allow for enough time to make changes.

Let us help you.

Discuss Whether A Prenup Is Right For You

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