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Navigating Key Considerations For Divorcing Military Couples

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, the process ahead can seem daunting—particularly when one or both of you are a U.S. service member.

Family law issues that stem from the divorce are very similar to those that involve a civilian divorce. However, certain issues may require the assistance of a lawyer skilled in the complexities of military divorces, such as:

  • Your children’s living arrangements. We can help you address custody arrangements when one parent resides at a military base or is currently deployed.
  • Spousal and child support agreements. Those filing for divorce in Kentucky must adhere to state guidelines for child support. We can explain these guidelines and greater detail and how they will affect your situation.
  • Retirement and pension division. Determining the division of retirement and military pensions depends on many factors. When it comes to military pensions and benefits, we can offer guidance.
  • Pursuing divorce during deployment. The deployment of you or your spouse does not require the postponement of filing for divorce. If you plan to divorce, we can help determine how best to proceed in order to continue moving forward.

Seeking A Military Divorce In Kentucky: Where To File

U.S. servicemen and women often reside far from home at bases in states where they are not legal residents.

Under the law, service members can file for divorce in the state where they are stationed or the state where they are a legal resident. They can also file in the state where their spouse resides.

In order for a military member stationed at a Kentucky base to file for divorce, they must reside at the base for at least six months, unless the spouse who filed first is a Kentucky resident.

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At HP Law, PLLC, our family law attorneys have four decades of combined experience assisting divorcing couples and their families throughout Jefferson County.

We are skilled in addressing the challenges that accompany military divorces. We know the laws, rules and procedures and can offer the advocacy you need during this time.

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