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Choosing neutral meeting spots for shared custody exchanges

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2024 | Child Custody & Support

When parents decide to share custody of their children, finding common ground becomes important. Neutral meeting spots play a significant role in ensuring a smooth transition.

Whether you exchange custody once a week or once a year, making the process calm and positive is key.

Why neutral spots matter

Neutral meeting spots are locations that are neither associated with one parent nor the other. These places serve as a blank canvas of sorts, providing a stress-free environment for the custody exchanges planned in your divorce settlement. By choosing such spots, parents reduce tension and help their children feel secure during the transition.

Benefits of neutral grounds

Neutral meeting spots help alleviate stress for parents while placing the priority on effectively supporting the children. When exchanges occur in familiar and neutral settings, it creates a sense of routine and normalcy. This can contribute to a more positive experience for everyone involved and have a lasting impact on the child’s emotional well-being.

Neutral areas also symbolize equality and impartiality in the co-parenting relationship. This can be beneficial in fostering a sense of fairness and cooperation between parents. Children benefit from witnessing their parents working together harmoniously.

Choosing the right spot

In most cases, identifying areas in which to meet on neutral ground is as simple as looking around your own neighborhood. Good choices include:

  • Public parks or playgrounds: These spaces provide an open and relaxed environment, allowing children to engage in play and fun activities before or after the exchange
  • Libraries: Typically calm and quiet, libraries promote a focused and stress-free meeting place
  • Community centers: Because they often have designated spaces for family activities, these facilities can create security and structure to ease potentially tense interactions

By prioritizing a neutral and comfortable setting, parents can contribute to a positive co-parenting relationship and provide their children with a stable and secure environment.