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What to know about custody modifications

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2024 | Child Custody & Support

When parents divorce, a custody agreement helps ensure the well-being of their children. However, life circumstances can change, and sometimes, modifications become necessary.

Kentucky has specific guidelines and procedures for modifying custody arrangements post-divorce.

Custody modifications

After a divorce, you may find the existing custody arrangement no longer suits the best interests of your children. If you or the other parent has undergone a significant life change, such as a job relocation or a remarriage, you may need to make modifications. In such cases, it is important to understand how to proceed within the legal framework.

You must petition the family court that issued the original order to request a change. This petition should outline your desired changes. Provide evidence supporting why you need the modification and how it benefits your child. Follow the court’s procedures and provide clear reasons for your request.

Relevant factors

Kentucky family courts prioritize the child’s best interests when considering custody modifications. You must show how the proposed changes will benefit your child. The court considers factors such as:

  • Relationship with each parent
  • Connection with siblings
  • Living arrangements
  • Advantages and disadvantages of possible changes
  • Potential dangers of the child’s current environment
  • The health of the parents and the child

Addressing these concerns helps ensure your child’s safety and well-being during this process.

Custody negotiations

You and your co-parent may be able to negotiate a modified agreement outside of court. Working together using mediation or alternative dispute methods can lead to an agreeable solution. However, some custody matters require litigating in court.

When you know your rights and understand the process, you can secure custody changes that ensure a good situation for your child.