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How can you reduce your children’s stress during custody battles?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | High-conflict Divorce

Although you may not notice it at first, your children can pick up on your stress and worry during a conflict-heavy divorce and the child custody battle that follows.

Being able to soothe their fears can help them deal healthily with the changes in their lives.

Notice your complaints

According to Psychology Today, a common mistake many parents make is badmouthing their ex-spouse in front of their children. While you may have legitimate complaints about them, your children will only notice the tone of your voice and the negativity you show toward a parent that they still love.

Keep them away from conflict

Some parents may try to make their children the center of arguments by relying on them to deliver messages to the other parent. Not only can this lead to more stress, but it can also start to damage your relationship with them as time goes on.

When your children feel responsible for your emotions, they may avoid talking about their worries or fears with you. This can lead to physical and mental issues, such as stomach aches or a lack of sleep. Make sure to not imply to your children that they should tell you about what your ex-spouse is doing when they visit them.

Find time for fun

Making positive memories with your children after a long custody case is one way to help them feel like children again. Whether you take a day off to travel or you go to a local park on a weekend, spending quality time together allows them to relieve stress.

While figuring out a custody arrangement can be hard, you can take steps to protect your children during this time.