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It’s family first for Attorney James Murphy

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Firm News

For attorney James Murphy, it is all about family.

Murphy is managing partner at HP Law, PLLC. Here, he focuses entirely on helping Kentucky families through tough times, and he loves what he does. However, for attorney Murphy, the adage “family first” applies to more than just his practice.

Family is the reason behind his legal career

Family has always come first for attorney Murphy – in both his life and his practice. The recent article in Louisville Business First only highlights this value he holds in high regard.

Murphy started his career as a banking executive, but when his father passed away in September of 1989, he decided to pursue his dream to become a lawyer, so he would not have any regrets. His late mother also had a significant influence on this career choice, encouraging him to study law and follow his passion.

He practiced business law in New England for many years before he became a family law attorney. He’s practiced law in Kentucky since 1993.

His goal? Making a difference

Family law is what attorney Murphy is passionate about. He enjoys the work of:

  • Finding out which Kentucky laws apply to a family’s situation, and how to apply them;
  • Helping families manage the emotions and moving parts of their situations; and
  • Protecting the family’s best interests, both in and out of the courtroom.

But most of all he strives to be of service to others – which family law allows him to do. It allows him to make a difference for families, which is what it is all about for him.

After all, when asked what advice he would give to young people considering going into family law, Murphy answered “it’s not about money. It’s not about prestige…it’s about trying to help people and making a difference.”