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Tips for diffusing conflict in your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2021 | High-conflict Divorce

When dealing with a high level of conflict in your divorce, it can take a toll on your mental, emotional and physical state. You may feel anxious, stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed.

A high-conflict divorce also affects your ability to make objective decisions when drafting a divorce settlement agreement.

How can you de-escalate conflicts during the divorce process?

Disagreements can get out of hand when emotions are high. The divorce process requires you to make many decisions when you are often upset and unsure about your future. There are several ways to remain level-headed:

  • Focus on your goals. You can become engulfed by the emotional aspects of your situation. Consider how your current decisions affect your future.
  • Listen to facilitate understanding. You may not agree with your spouse’s opinions or agreement proposals. However, listening and asking questions enables calmer interactions that clarify objectives and allow for more forward motion in your case.
  • Take the time you need. Rushing through your divorce to avoid unpleasantness is a mistake that can profoundly affect your future circumstance. Take time to calmly and rationally address your situation.
  • Enlist help. Get the emotional support you need from friends or family, listen to the advice of an experienced lawyer or consult with mental health professionals. You likely need various forms of assistance to make decisions that help secure your desired outcomes.

Is mediation possible with a high-conflict divorce?

Experienced attorneys can navigate the mediation process, even when emotions are high. A skilled professional knows how to diffuse situations and facilitate productive discussions. Knowledgeable lawyers help ensure equitable agreements for divorcing couples.

When your situation is contentious, disputes can intensify quickly and make you lose sight of your goals. It is vital to remain calm during your divorce to achieve the future you deserve.