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Obtaining a protective order in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | High-conflict Divorce

If your spouse or partner has committed or threatened violence against you, you can ask the Kentucky court for a protective order. This legal document prevents the person from having contact with you.

Learn more about seeking a protective order in Kentucky if you find yourself in this situation.

Terms of a protective order

The judge can issue a legal order that prohibits your partner from:

If you have children with the person against whom you seek protection, you can also ask the judge to make a decision about child support, custody and visitation.

Process of getting a protective order

You can ask for a protective order in the Circuit Court in the county where you currently reside. If you need help after hours, you can contact your local police to obtain an order of protection. You must provide evidence of threats, stalking, or physical or sexual assault.

After you complete the paperwork for a protective order, the judge will determine whether to schedule a hearing. He or she may also issue a temporary order pending the hearing.

At the hearing, you and your spouse or partner may both present evidence supporting your positions. If the judge finds that the person has harmed you or that you have a reasonable fear of harm, he or she can issue a protective order that lasts for three years.

You can petition the court for a Domestic Violence Order if your spouse is the perpetrator or an Interpersonal Protective Order for a romantic relationship outside of marriage.