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Common concerns in a military divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2020 | Military Divorce

At HP Law, PLLC, we understand that military divorce is a unique situation. There are many issues you will deal with that a standard divorcing couple will not. 

Some of the simple issues in divorce become more complicated for you due to the challenges of being in the military or having a spouse in the military. This brings up several areas in which you may have concerns. 

Retirement and pension division

Military retirement and pension benefits are very nice, so if you are a military spouse, you may want to ensure that you get part of those benefits. There are some strict laws about splitting such benefits in a divorce, so we can assist you with figuring out your rights and the potential division options under the law. 

Spousal and child support

One of the biggest struggles with spousal and child support is that you will need to go by Kentucky law since you file for divorce in this state. You may not be familiar with the rules here and how this works since chances are good that you have not lived here long. We can help you understand the guidelines and figure out the potential awards you may receive or have to pay. 

Child custody

This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for military couples because of the transient nature of military life. It is highly likely that you have moved around quite a bit during your marriage. However, once you divorce, the non-military spouse will likely want to remain in one area. The military spouse will continue to have to move. 

It can be tough to figure out visitation and custody arrangements that are fair to the children while also being practical due to this. We can work with you to figure out what is best for your children and how to make arrangements the court will approve. 

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