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What actions can lead to a high-conflict divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | High-conflict Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy, but when you and your spouse take certain actions, it can lead to a high-conflict divorce. When there is conflict in the situation, it can slow things down and make it difficult for you to come to a final agreement. 

Psychology Today explains that there is a range of actions that could lead to a high-conflict divorce. Most of them involve the children and finances, but in every case, the goal is to harm the other person and make it tougher to get through the divorce. 

Child-related actions

If you or your spouse decides to get into a new relationship, you should consider your children’s needs and include them in the decision. If you fail to do this, it can spark conflict. Another common tactic of individuals who are not agreeable in a divorce is to put the children in the middle. 

Finance-related actions

There are a few ways in which you or your spouse could create conflict when it comes to finances, such as hiding assets. Some people will also use up assets prior to the divorce so the other spouse cannot have them. 

You should also watch out for any threats about assets or support payments, which is an attempt to manipulate. Also, if your spouse does anything with the goal of reducing child support or alimony, then you want to be aware of it. This might include cutting hours at work, changing to a lower-paying job or quitting a job. 

Other actions

Many conflicts stem from parents who make up stories to harm the other spouse. This could include accusations of abuse, which is a common tactic.