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Our services amid the COVID-19 social distancing recommendations

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Firm News

We’re taking consultations via teleconference and Zoom video calls with all potential clients during this period. Even though the Courts are closed to majority of in-person hearings, the Jefferson Circuit Family Court Judges are attempting to keep hearing all motions that are electronically filed on their motion hour docket, but allowing Objections and Responses be e-filed and emailed to keep the Court dockets running as smoothly as can be. All issues that require hearings may be scheduled out several months from now due to the Covid-19, but immediate issues like stimulus checks being divided between the parties or temporary child support will more than likely be ordered by the Jefferson Circuit Family Court Judges.

It’s important to start the divorce process now because the initial in-take period is filing documentation, (i.e. the Petition or Response/Counter-Petition, as well as your Preliminary Verified Disclosure Statement disclosing all your assets and debts.) All of this can be done through email correspondence between our office and the client. If a client is able to retain our office and begin this process now, they would be at a better starting point once the Courts are open again for in-person traffic.

Just like before the Covid-19 pandemic, our office is capable of resolving divorces and family law matters through mediation sessions. Mediation can be held through Zoom meetings with an agreed upon mediator to keep all parties and their attorneys at a safe distance from their own residence or office. More importantly, if both parties are capable of resolving all issues of their divorce or family law matter through mediation, then the Courts are still entering Agreed Orders to finalize cases.

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