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Know what factors impact which assets in a divorce

A high-asset divorce is often a challenge because you have so much to work through. These are often valuable assets that must be considered carefully. Many people who are in this position choose to go through mediation to resolve the question of what assets are going to which person. We know that this might seem daunting at first; however, you may be able to work out a favorable outcome.

Valuation is a key point for divorcing small business owners

Divorce is a challenging journey for many people; however, small business owners have to think about more than just the way that the split is going to impact their personal life. There is a chance that it will also affect their company. If the business is considered marital property, you will likely need to go through the valuation process to determine what needs to happen during the divorce.

Finer points of property division in high-asset divorces

Individuals who are going through a divorce might have to deal with retirement accounts. These take special consideration because there are significant financial and tax implications if they are mishandled. For any qualified plans, such as 401(k)s, the only way to transfer the asset from one party to the other without having to face those is to have a qualified domestic relations order.

Attachment can't dictate actions in property division

The things that you've accumulated during your marriage will have to be divided when you are going through a divorce. It might be difficult for you to think about having to do this because it might be a daunting task. The more you have, the more work it is going to take to get through it all. We know that you might not feel prepared to handle this property division process. We are here to help you through the legal aspects of the matter.

Mistakes made during high-asset divorces

Mistakes made when dividing property during a divorce can lead to a needless waste of money. Especially when dividing a substantial amount of assets, the process can be complex. It’s necessary to consider the division of 401(k)s and other retirement accounts, global assets, businesses, and real estate holdings.


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